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As a photographer, I am pleased to answer to my client’s demand by offering you a wide range of services

Shooting and reportages of different types

Corporations, magazines, associations, couples, individuals.

Photographs restoring and retouching

Bring back to life a picture from the film era or
share me your project to create or enhance in


Image printing service

Wide choice of books in HD format readily available in different sizes and formats.

Workshops and training 

You will learn all the photographic process, from the shooting and image analysis to the final impression through the retouching.


Frequently asked questions

Who are my main clients and what can they expect from me?


Whatever kind of business you are, it’s essential that your promotional photography does your work justice. Your products and services might be the best in the world. Your team might be the most helpful and friendly in the industry. But if your marketing materials, and most importantly, your photography isn’t up to scratch, your customers might think your work isn’t either. Investing in your business should be a smart decision – false economies on essential marketing will cost you heavily in the future.

Photography for corporates and events should be just as creative and enjoyable as portraiture and wedding photography. As your corporate photographer, I’ll look at the many facets of your business, from your products through to your people, and create a collection of vibrant, exciting images that will captivate your audience. Even the traditional corporate headshot can be interesting and full of character. Create portraits of people your customers will want to meet and feel comfortable buying from.


My product photography showcases your products at their absolute best. Composed with love and captured with the great care that I apply to all of my work, my product pictures will make your range of goods absolutely irresistible. Today images are everywhere and you’ll be competing with more businesses than just those that are local to you. It’s more important than ever to stand out for the right reasons. Your imagery represents every aspect of your business – it has to be just right in order to give you the credibility that you deserve. Don’t take chances. Invest in my skill and experience and ensure that your clients will never be in any doubt about the quality of your service.



Whether to document the unprecedented refugee and migrant crisis around Europe or rather to crisscross between different places to report on tragic humanitarian or environmental crises, my work as photo reporter is aimed to produce surprising and poignant images of stories that are to become iconic in the months or years to come.

While complying with a rigid ethical framework that demands that work be both honest and impartial, my mission is to collect, edit and present news material for publication and broadcast.

Typically, my clients are seeking images to use in a variety of promotional ways such as magazines and websites and, as such, want a photographer who understands the complexities of what goes into documentary photography, and has the skills and experience to represent their work as they intended it.

Whether you work in a multimedia agency and look to illustrate recent events or you belong to a magazine to promote your publications with illustrations of daily news, current events, travel, outdoors activities, social or cultural events, feel free to contact me and I'll be pleased to discuss further with you and your team. 



On the biggest day of your life, you want to trust your photographs to someone who treats the occasion with the respect it deserves. I understand just how important this day is to you. Everything must be perfect, every detail just so. And of course, this needs to be reflected in the photographer you choose and the photographs that follow. As your wedding photographer, I’ll capture images that tell the full story of your wedding day – from the initial preparations to the ceremony and the celebrations that follow.

If you want a dedicated service, you’ll feel in very safe hands with me. It’s important that you know that my work doesn’t begin and end on your wedding day. We’ll spend time together beforehand, so I can gain an understanding of your relationship and the chemistry that brought you together. When your wedding day dawns, I’ll know just how to create imagery that reflects the unique nature of your relationship together and your celebration with friends and family. 


Look through the wedding images on my website and you’ll see that my style combines beautiful portraiture, storytelling and emotion in equal measure. A gentleness and creativity with a sensitivity to the proceedings as they unfold. The day’s formal structure, not to mention the tireless work that’s gone into organizing it, will be fully evident in the richness and detail of my imagery. But you’ll also discover a spontaneity and a sense of fun that will remain firmly anchored forever.

Every image that you love can be transformed into a range of beautiful items to display in your home or shared with your loved ones. Your wedding day is a love story, so why not tell it fully in a bespoke album that will become a treasured family heirloom.

Want to know more? Contact me so we can discuss it together. I will be happy to know more about your day. 


What would be your benefits to hire me as your photographer ?

Focused on my clients & partner’s needs

Whether it is for your promotional needs or for your wedding day, your project should reflect the specific branding of your company or the truly and unique personality of your love story.

This is achieved through a detailed and thorough preparation. It all begins with a discussion just to get to know each other and figure out your specific requirements and expectations. It allows us to spend some quality time together and for you to get used to how I work. Of course, this consultation is free of charge, with no obligation whatsoever. For projects abroad, a video conference can also be scheduled according to your convenience. 


Delivering work within reasonable deadlines

As it is my priority to deliver your images in time, I try to make sure that you get your photos delivered as soon as possible. However, with my oriented-work type, there is little room left for wedding sessions whose number is limited during the year so that I can focus equally on my other photographic missions and provide my clients with other services such as reports, commercial events, image editing or photo initiation courses. Therefore, as soon as you know the date of your venue, feel free to contact me to make your reservation and find out my availability.

As a bride and groom, you will generally receive your photos within 4 to 10 weeks. If by any chance I am able to deliver sooner I will. If it is going to take longer I will notify you.

Except for wedding reportage, delivery times can generally take up to 14 days according to schedules.

Also note that for the press and magazines, pictures will be delivered according to publishing editors deadlines which ones will be mentioned when ordering. 



I am currently working in Belgium but by definition, I am available worldwide. All expenses are determined in terms of the specific needs and services chosen by my clients. Minor travel costs may be incurred depending on your location (transport, lodging, etc.) so just ask for details if you have somewhere special in mind.

A detailed planning of the photography project will establish the cost and the budget, all technical and artistic elements relative to your photography session. The equipment needed, the studio set up, the props and backdrops, and the total number of shots that will be taken by the photographer are the type of decisions that will be discussed together.

These questions will guaranty your total satisfaction with the final photography product. Your tasks and needs will always be one of my major priorities. 


Working with passion, care and creativity

I truly think of it as an honor to get asked to photograph weddings or events and each and every one is a unique experience. I love my work, I really do.

My clients love the work they do too. In fact, it is not just their work, it is their passion. There are literally weeks, months, and years of work that go into their projects. Even beyond that, my images will go into representing my clients' brand or project that they have spent their career building.

Whether I become your wedding, event or business photographer, I will treat every work with absolute care and attention to details. Happiness, laughter, little looks, tenderness, big smiles and tears of joy. The uniqueness and individuality of photographing people both challenges and excites me in equal measure, and there’s nothing quite like such work environments for offering up so many rich and varied human emotions and interactions. 


I enjoy working closely with my clients but can also adopt an unobtrusive style when required to ensure you feel comfortable and make you feel part of the story telling. Aiming that once the day is over, the final images can exceed your expectations.

I love the way a wedding day unfolds and the opportunities that offers for amazing images. I also believe a sense of humor is vital on such a happy day and when couples and their guests engage with the fun side of photography then we can create something magical together.

My approach to shooting moments like weddings for example is simple but effective. I like to focus on unaffected and natural scenes– photographing real moments and real emotions as they happen. I will use flash when it’s really needed, and to create the more creative shots, but generally I work with ambient lights.

Overall, I am friendly, approachable and energetic so if you like the sound of me and love my work then do get in touch. I would love to hear all about your plans and I’m sure if you go on to hire me we’ll have a great time in the process. 

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