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Hi, I am Jérémie and I am belgian photographer based in Brussels.
I’ve been a passionate photographer since I started taking pictures while traveling around the globe about 10 years ago.
I then discovered world-famous sceneries and also experienced for the very first time the challenge of framing moments of people life and the joy it can give to someone to hold a keeper.

In 2013, I followed a full-term training at the School of photography and visual techniques Agnès Varda in Brussels.
Influenced throughout my studies by classic photographers such as Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Elliot Erwitt among many others, I began to explore new directions such as humanist and subjective photography.

My two-works graduation consisted in focusing on social problems of a humanitarian nature: the first analyzed the issue of migration crisis in Europe with a focus on refugee camps around Calais (France) while the second focused on the reintegration of former prisoners into civilian society through monitoring of the association Dispositif Relais.

Today I achieve reportages with passion, broadcasting and offering pictures to my clients by making them feeling like they were part of the photo story I am telling.

Being both compassionate and thoughtful, my on-the-ground experience and humane touch allow me to document intimate moments of life. Capturing my subjects with both strength and happiness; while still allowing them to remain grounded in reality. 

Jérémie B.


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